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American Hardwood Export Council -

Another Creative AHEC Competition 

- January 2019: READ

Trade Alert Update – Log Exports to China – ACTION REQUIRED

- May 9, 2018: READ

Trade Alert - Log Exports to China

- May 2018: READ

Success for American Hardwood Projects

- January 2018: READ

AHEC's 'snapshot' on the Furniture Market

- December 2017: READ

"Too Good to Waste"a Spotlight on species

- November 2017: READ

American Hardwoods in Building Applications

- October 2017: READ

AHEC Trade Alert: Sophisticated Email Scam Affecting US Companies

- March 2017: READ

AHEC Update: EU accepts “system approach” to control EAB in U.S. ash borer

- February 2017: READ

AHEC Trade Alert: Update to U.S. companies interested in China's Zika requirements

- September 2016: READ

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