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Forest Resources Issues

Wood Chip Standard Update and Thank you

There’s good news for the Stakeholders involved in the National Wood Chip Heating Fuel Quality Standard Project! The project is complete. There is an approved national standard. And the project team is providing this update and need-to-know information.

  • The project website,, will remain live, and all documents are available there, including the “User Guide to the U.S. Wood Chip Heating Fuel Quality Standard” and the two-page summary of the standard.
  • Please promote the use of the standard to stakeholders across the country. “The more widely and often the standard is used, the more the intended benefits of the standard will be realized.”
  • “Fuel standards are not static.  Already discussions are underway to consider amendments to the international ISO standard for wood chip heating fuel.  We expect and hope that revisions made through our project will be considered to the ISO standard.”

“Thank you to the many stakeholders - from numerous and different sectors of the wood chip heating equipment and supply chain - for your helpful comments and contributions in completing this project. And the project team would also like to extend our appreciation to the USDA Forest Service for their financial support of this project, which was delivered on time and under budget.”

Project Team members: Adam Sherman, VEIC Biomass Energy Resource Center, Charlie Niebling, Innovative Natural Resource Solutions LLC, Jean Walsh, American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, Peter Thompson, Biomass Thermal Energy Council