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What to eat when you’re sick

Feeling under the weather with nausea, sore throat and a runny nose? Today’s experts tell us to “feed a cold and feed a fever.” Here’s how to soothe those pesky symptoms with “sick-friendly” foods that help boost the immune system and alleviate discomfort.

If a Stomach Bug has you in and out of the loo, the rule of thumb is “easy does it; avoid spice; embrace bland.”

  • Nibbling on toast or saltines is a great first step to ease nausea discomfort. Foods high in starch soak up excess acid and tend to calm the stomach.
  • Gelatin is also a stomach soother; keeps blood sugar regulated, and provides the energy needed to fight germs.
  • And think B-R-A-T. Bananas, rice, applesauce and toast – binding foods – are low in fiber and taste, and are easier to digest.

Stay hydrated. Water is important. And try a little ginger. Hot ginger tea and ginger ale are great soothers of digestive issues. (Drink the ginger ale flat so as not to aggravate an already sensitive stomach.) Don’t forget the Gatorade. It’s an electrolyte booster, and can provide calories lost through vomiting.

Chicken soup for a cold is more than a ‘wives’ tale! Not only is it the ultimate comfort food, it’s a super elixir. Chicken, a good source of protein, also contains cysteine, an amino acid that can thin mucus in the lungs and lessen coughing. Plus, the hot broth can ease a sore throat, aide in relieving sinus pressure, plus keep the body hydrated.

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