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“6 Strategies for Shaping your Post-Pandemic Future”

For businesses struggling to survive the COVID-19 crisis, Robert B. Tucker, global futurist and recognized pioneer in the field of innovation, is offering “strategies to help you formulate a post-pandemic playbook.” Tucker’s article is entitled, “6 Strategies for Shaping your Post-Pandemic Future,” and here are two of them.

Treat the COVID Crisis as a Strategic Inflection Point

“Inflection points are decisional forks in the road when all assumptions about your business are potentially out the window, and fundamental choices must be made. If we think of COVID-19 as the mother of all inflection points, the challenge for leaders becomes: what tough decisions must be made now that will serve us well in the future? And how are we navigating this new uncharted terrain differently, as a result?

  • Decisions shape the future. And this next phase of the COVID crisis is all about the quality of our decisions. If you make good decisions, creative decisions, tough decisions – now - you’ll eventually reach new heights.
  • But if you go into denial or lapse into permanent “firefighting” mode, you’ll short-circuit the openings born of crisis. You’ll miss spotting the unmet needs and untapped opportunities that are springing up out of the fog.

Experiment with new business models and novel solutions

Innovation isn’t something you do after you get your work done. It’s how you approach the work you do. Innovation isn’t just having ideas, it’s taking action on your ideas. It’s figuring out how to add value, where you are right now. It’s finding a need and filling it.

Some industries — tourism, airlines, meetings, restaurants, professional sports, performing arts, trade associations – face an inflection point of major proportions. Now is the time to make innovation everybody’s business. It’s all about “opening up to new possibilities, new business models, new products and customer solutions. Finding a need and setting forth to fill it. And that spirit is what will be necessary in all of us to survive COVID, and emerge stronger.”

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