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Made in the U.S.A.

made-in-usa-imgEnd the Confusion - Know the Facts
There is much to consider when choosing a hardwood building or decorating material/product. What’s the product’s origin? Is it truly made from solid, all-natural American hardwood? Will its manufacturing process have negative health and/or environmental implications? End the confusion by knowing the Facts. Then choose with confidence.

Be Informed – Today’s marketplace offers many products that claim to be or may look like American hardwood on the surface. But don’t be fooled by low-cost imitators! And do not confuse products made from solid, all-natural American Hardwood with these inferior and potentially dangerous look-alikes.

Recent media coverage of health-harmful, ‘imitation’ hardwood products and their questionable and non-regulated manufacturing processes - some foreign countries have no governing agencies to assure quality standards or environmentally safe manufacturing practices - has been causing great consumer concern. And rightly so! But it is inappropriate and unfair to assume those issues apply to solid, all-natural American Hardwood products.

Made in the USA - In the U.S., quality standards and safe manufacturing practices are regulated and monitored by U.S. agencies and associations. And consumers at all levels can confidently choose products made from American hardwoods knowing that the hardwood has been responsibly harvested and quality control standards have been met.

Bottom Line – Disregard the Hype. Know the facts about flooring, furniture, cabinetry or millwork made from solid American Hardwood by contacting the agencies, associations and companies that monitor and produce them. And before you buy, research both the manufacturer and the product. An informed buyer is a happy one.

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