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RAHC  Update, First Quarter goals & more

The Real American Hardwood Coalition (RAHC) was launched in 2019 as an industry association-led effort to secure the future of the hardwood industry by increasing domestic markets and sales of Real American Hardwood. RAHC’s Executive Committee representing the 27 founding associations has worked within a defined timeframe and a focused agenda, to move the initiative from an idea, to reality.

In 2020

RAHC, with the expertise of a market research team and a leading brand accelerator, conducted consumer research (homeowners, renovators, builders, designers, and architects) to better understand what consumers want and to identify their perceptions of Real American Hardwood products. According to the research findings:

  • Appearance, durability, and value are the most important factors for potential hardwood consumers. Sustainability and natural are additional important factors that tip the decision toward hardwoods, at the final stage of the decision-making process.
  • Unfortunately, consumers don’t always know the benefits of choosing hardwood, but are open to learning.
  • The promotion campaign must connect with consumers early in their decision‐making - when they are thinking and dreaming about the possibilities. And hardwood products’ look and feel must connect with their emotions, and carry through to the final moment when they make their selection.
  • Hardwood must be everywhere – in stores, online, in print, on social media, on television – to keep hardwood products front and center, from the idea stage to final payment.

Additionally, the research was used to develop Marketing Strategies, which include:

  • The “Naturally Authentic” messaging platform
  • The Real American Hardwood brand
  • A Marketing Playbook that will guide marketing efforts, long-term
  • Opportunities for hardwood companies to utilize the marketing strategies in their own marketing efforts and ultimately broaden industry reach

And Now

The Coalition’s Executive Committee has identified the following goals for the first quarter of 2021:

  • Finalize a 501-C3 legal structure and register trademarks
  • Establish a website for all RAHC Association members and their member companies which will house:
    • Calendar for Association events and updates
    • Donate function which allows the capture of donor information
    • Page(s) for FAQs, articles, and other information
    • Administrative capacity for RAHC EC/Board Members
    • Password protected access to collateral products
  • Develop a brochure and video to assist Association member companies to better understand the Coalition
  • Establish a Real American Hardwood Instagram page
  • Deliver presentations at upcoming member Association events

 Your help is needed 

The successful launch of this solid campaign depends on the voluntary financial support of all members of the industry - hardwood and hardwood plywood producers, distributors, manufacturers, suppliers, regional and national industry trade groups and Associations. And the future of the hardwood industry depends on your financial support. (Annual contributions of $600 - $6,000 are suggested.)

Learn more about the RAHC at And reach out to regarding your financial support.

The Hardwood Manufacturers Association is a founding member of the Real American Hardwood Promotion Coalition, a voluntary, industry-wide, domestic promotion initiative developed by industry associations and directed by those executive directors.