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Safety: General Safety

Free Safety Brochure Series available

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According to the Forest Resources Association (FRA), “nearly one half of all logging injuries occur to workers with less than one year on the job!” OUCH! But the FRA is going beyond simply reporting the not-so-good news. They’re taking steps to educate and train.

The Forest Resources Association (FRA) is “a national trade association concerned with the safe, efficient, and sustainable harvest of forest products and their transport from the woods to the mill.” With a long history of working to improve the safety of the forest work environment, the FRA’s Southwide Safety Committee “has made its popular Safety Brochure series available for free download at The brochures, some available in both English and Spanish, provide concise summaries of basic forest operations and woodyard safety pointers, and can serve as supplements to an orientation program, or as safety reminders. What’s available?

  • First-Year Safety Program & Timber Harvesting Safety Manual - An outline for orienting new logging employees in the crucial first year
  • Logging Safety Resource Guides - Handbooks, videos, and pamphlets to educate/train employees on specific areas of timber harvesting safety
  • Logging Safety Links – an alphabetical listing of logging safety resources suppliers

Visit for the complete listing of available brochures, and to learn more about the FRA.