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Tucker discusses the “Future of Work”

Robert B. Tucker is a “global futurist and an internationally recognized pioneer in the field of innovation.” In January of 2020, before the COVID-19 pandemic turned the world upside down, his article, “Three Critical ‘Future of Work’ Forecasts for the 2020’s,” offered forward thinking insight, perhaps more relevant now than ever before. Take a look.

“As a futurist and innovation speaker, I work across industries, and often, across continents. This gives a first-hand perspective on workforce threats and opportunities. As much change as has taken place in the prior decade, I don’t believe we have grasped the extent of the changes ahead in the 2020s. Organizations and their leaders will rise or fall, prosper or be blindsided, based on their ability and willingness to anticipate and creatively respond to rapid change.

The three forecasts below have to do with how the workplace is changing at the dawn of the new decade. They revolve around how the world of work will evolve. Take time to ponder these predictions and then prepare to take action on tomorrow’s trends, today.

  • Forecast #1. Job Category churn will accelerate, creating sunrise and sunset occupations.
  • Forecast #2. Lifelong learning, up-skilling and re-skilling will no longer be optional activities. They will be vitally necessary habits for sustained career success.
  • Forecast #3. Automation will accelerate job displacement, but “augmentation” rather than joblessness will be the norm.”

Tucker’s Bottom line: “Front-line workers, professionals, and employers alike must ‘think ahead of the curve,’ or face unpleasant surprises. But those who anticipate and plan for change can create their own reality, and ride the waves of change.”

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