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"The Case for Optimism in 2021"


Robert B. Tucker is a “global futurist and an internationally recognized pioneer in the field of innovation.” His recent Innovation Trends Newsletter included an article, “The Case for Optimism in 2021,” that discussed how “the pandemic could become a force for positive change.” It’s an interesting read.

“Pandemics have a way of upsetting the status quo …

In the 14th century, the Bubonic Plague decimated half of Europe’s population, and a third of the world’s. Yet when it ended, there was jubilation and dancing in the streets. And the world entered a period of unprecedented progress.

  • A labor shortage led to the end of feudalism and centuries of unchanging drudgery for the masses.
  • Inventions, such as the printing press in 1440, spurred the spread of knowledge and ideas across distances.
  • This in turn spawned the scientific revolution, the industrial revolution, and the birth of a radical notion of self-government - Democracy. In short, things got better.

The challenge now - in the midst of this winter of our discontent - is to visualize the spring. Focus beyond present state into “future state.” Think beyond merely rebuilding and restoring, but on the opening that COVID-19 has created to change the world for the better.

Think about what you’ve learned about yourself, as a result of living through a pandemic. Think about what you value now more than ever before, because of its absence. Think about (you and your organization) and what you want to happen. Imagine the kind of future you want to be living in. If you see it, you might just be able to actualize it.

The role of the visionary in society is to inspire us to see not just what is, but what can be; challenging us to aim higher. Exercise your forward-thinking capacity. What better time than now to ponder the shape of the post-pandemic world.”

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