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HMA Millennial Council

Pictured from left to right: Bob Miller, Council Coordinator; Trent Yoder, Tim Brownlee, Matthew Netterville, Claire Thompson Getty, Derek Wheeland, Julio Alvarez and Tripp Josey. Missing from the picture – Thomas Battle and Jack Shannon, III

HMA NextGen Leaders Council

The purpose of the HMA NextGen Leaders Council is to engage the next generation of leadership in HMA member companies and the industry, and to seek their input as to how the HMA can better serve the professional development of future leaders.

Membership is open to anyone under the age of 40, who is currently employed in an HMA member company, and has been recommended by an HMA member. During their three-year term, Council members:

  • are encouraged to attend HMA Board of Directors meetings, as well as Hardwood Federation Fly-Ins, in order to become familiar with all aspects of HMA and gain insight into industry issues.
  • must be willing and available to work on various HMA sponsored projects to help further develop each Council members and to offer insight and recommendations on improvements for the HMA.


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