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Exhibitor Descriptions

American Wood Technology, LLC
American Wood Technology (AWT) offers complete solutions for Hydro-Thermal wood modification (TMT) plants from Moldrup (IWT). We design and build Vacuum Dryers from 1900 b.ft and up. AWT offers all automation equipment, i.e. material handling for the treating plants, and also offer lumber sorting systems and stackers for all size plants. Via our Brookhuis America, Inc., we offer a complete line of In-Line moisture meters. Booth 25

Automation & Electronics USA
Scanning, optimizing and control solutions providing maximum sawmill performance and return on investment! Technical support 24/7! (exclusive Silvatech rights) Booth 37

BB&T Insurance Services – National Forest Products Practice
National Forest Products Practice specializes in the insurance placement and risk management for primary and secondary manufacturers and distributors in the Forest Products Industry. Our Forest Products team has over 180 years of service in the insurance industry. With this combined experience and industry knowledge, we have a unique ability to identify risk issues, then recommend sound and comprehensive solutions that have proven to reduce our clients’ cost of risk. We’re committed to the Forest Products Industry and are proud of our trade association partnerships which provide additional value and benefits to their members. Booth 17

BOLDesigns, Inc.
BOLDesigns fabricates dry kilns, pallet treaters, steamers, and other lumber processing equipment, as well as providing custom designs and technical support. Booth 30

Breeze Dried, Inc.
The company that defeated stacker strain. High quality kilns sticks guaranteed to never stacker strain your lumber. Booth 12

Brewco, Inc.
Brewco Incorporated specializes in thin-kerf horizontal resaw systems. Our latest system design allows up to double the production and yield more lumber with its dual-head resaw. Booth 33

Brunner Hildebrand Lumber Dry Kiln Co.
Brunner Hildebrand Lumber Dry Kiln Co., based in Nashville TN, is a manufacturer of Hardwood kilns, Softwood kilns, Continuous kilns, IPPC Heat Treatment kilns, Steaming Chambers, and Kiln controls. Since 1960, Brunner Hildebrand has installed more than 15,000 dry kilns worldwide. Booth 23

Brunson Instrument Company
Brunson is a leader in precision alignment services and solutions for the timber processing industry. Our service team boasts over 30 years of experience with sawmill machinery.

A specialty chemical manufacturer located in Memphis, Buckman is a supplier of sapstain and mold controlling chemicals, iron sequestriants, and insecticides to the hardwood lumber industry. Booth 6

CARBOTECH specializes in lumber handling for sawmills and planner mills for the hardwood and softwood industries. Booth 28

Cleereman Industries, Inc.
Manufacturer of quality sawmill machinery since 1950. Specializing in carriages, carriage drives, bar turners, all material handling needs, engineering services, parts and #1 service in the industry. Booth 24

Cooper Machine
Provider of durable labor-saving Scraggs for over 50 years!

Corley Manufacturing Company
Manufacturer of rugged, dependable sawmill machinery since 1905. Booth 34

DMSi Software
DMSi provides a complete business software solution for hardwood lumber companies. Their Agility ERP handles the entire product cycle.

Dri-Stixx Ventures
Dri-Stixx is the world’s most durable kiln sticks EVER! Booth 3

Froedge Machine & Supply Co. Inc.
Froedge Machine – a 55 year old business providing lumber stackers, package makers, unscramblers, tilt hoist, stick stackers, grading stations, trimmers, sorters, tally, and grade mark readers. Booth 35

Heicor Enterprises, LLC
Heicor is the exclusive representative for HDE Dry Kilns and Mill Industries in the U.S. and Canada. They offer sawmill machinery, band resaws, material handling, secondary processing machinery and more. Sawmill Pallet Machine, division of Heicor, deals in high-quality used machinery. Booth 38

HMC Corporation
Manufacturer and distributor of sawmill equipment for the forest products industry. Booth 4

ISK Biocides, Inc.
ISK Biocides manufactures and supplies wood preservatives, end coatings and sapstain control chemicals for freshly cut logs and lumber. Booth 8

Industrial Vision Systems
VisionTally™ is the most accurate, labor-free, and efficient end-tally system available; scanning and measuring bundles automatically from both ends at once. Actual board measurements are recorded and converted to nominal footage and tallies. Wane is detected and analyzed for accurate measurements. No board marks or special bundle preparation is required. No manpower is needed during the scanning process. Booth 20

Lonza Wood Protection
Lonza Manufacturers AntiBlu and Mycostat for control of sapstain, mold and fungi on freshly sawn logs, poles, posts, and lumber. Booth 13

Lucidyne Technologies, Inc.
Lucidyne Technologies, Inc. delivers the gold standards in Grade Mark Readers, with over 700+ systems worldwide. Booth 18

McDonough Manufacturing Co.
Celebrating 129 years of satisfied customers, McDonough continues to be the leading manufacturer of heavy duty and custom band sawing equipment for hardwood mills and secondary plants. Specializing in Headrigs, Carriages, Linebar, Horizontal Resaws, and a full line of Edger systems. Booth 32

Messersmith Manufacturing, Inc.
Messersmith Manufacturing, Inc. manufactures and installs biomass boiler systems to industrial market customers for use in heating their facilities, and supplying steam for dry kilns.

Nicholson Manufacturing LTD
Nicholson is the leader in ring debarker technology. We manufacture a range of ring debarkers to suit any application. Booth 11

Nyle Systems, LLC
Nyle Systems builds a complete line of kilns for the hardwood industry including: dehumidification, indirect gas fired & steam kilns. All kilns are manufactured at our factory, supplied with our in-house controls, and installed by our field crews. Booth 19

Paw-Taw-John Services, Inc.
With over 30 years of wood experience, Paw-Taw-John Services are the “experts” on sawmill controls. They provide MTS® products, Serro Sensors, Larharco ® products, and Endcoder test equipment. Additionally, they offer repair services on MTS products, Lasers, and Hydraulic Valves. Booth 15

Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Company
PLM is the premier insurance provider for the lumber, woodworking and building materials supply industries. Booth 26

Founded in 1983, Piché designs and manufactures wood handling and processing equipment. The company is managed by a young and dynamic team backed by engineering, manufacturing, installation and project, management professionals. Booth 7

Progress Industries, Inc.
Progress Industries is a manufacturer of wood utilization equipment for sawmills, chip mills, and paper mills. From single machines to complete systems, we have the engineering, manufacturing, sales and service to provide customers the quality they expect. Booth 10

Quality Strapping, Inc.
Established in 1995. Quality Strapping, based in Brooklyn, New York, is a leading manufacturer of Polyester and Polypropylene Strapping.

SII Dry Kilns
SII specializes in hardwood and softwood dry kilns, predryers, fan sheds, pallet and firewood drying / heat treating chambers. Now exclusively representing WDE Maspell in offering Vacuum and Thermal Modification Kilns. SII offers a complete range of kiln controls including the “Sample Watch” in-kiln weight system (now in wireless). SII also provides kiln repair services and a full line of kiln parts and accessories. Booth 9

Salem Equipment, Inc.
With over 70 years in the forest products industry, Salem Equipment, Inc. creates first-class engineered solutions for lumber producers. Booth 29

Stella-Jones Corporation
Stella-Jones Corporation, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the leading North American manufacturer of pressure treated industrial wood products. The company’s core competencies are in the production of railroad ties and timbers. Booths 21 & 22

Stringer Industries
Stringer Industries manufacturers Wastewood Chippers and Hogs, Bark King Debarker Heads, Knurled Feedrolls, Planer Parts, and other sawmill component parts. Booth 27

Taylor Machine Works
For 90 years, Taylor Machine Works, Inc. has manufactured lift trucks and related equipment for the wood products industry, with lift capacities range of 8,000 to 125,000 pounds. Booth 39

TJT Consulting
TJT Consulting assists family owned businesses in areas of business succession, risk management and investment strategies.

TMX Shipping Company, Inc.
TMX Shipping Co., Inc. is an International Freight Forwarder specializing in the export of wood products.

TS Manufacturing
TS Manufacturing designs and manufactures complete machinery lines for the hardwood sawmill & lumber handling industries. Booth 40

Timber Automation, LLC
We deliver the best woodyard and sawmill equipment, while bringing a team of forestry product experts, who are focused on consulting, planning, and engineering, to work for you. Booth 31

TradeTec Computer Systems, Ltd.
TradeTec supports all sizes of manufacturers or distributors with comprehensive, intuitive solutions for managing log & lumber inventory and asset maintenance. Booth 36

U-C Coatings
U-C Coating’s is a premier manufacturer and supplier of wood protection products. Our products include Anchorseal wax end sealer, plastic LogSavers and metal LogDawgs to stitch cracks together, Shade-Dri for controlled air drying, Gempaint for lumber identification and branding, and Seal-Once for protection against water damage. Booth 2

UPG provides discounts with many recognizable business service brands. Eligible building material companies can join for free online and start saving.

Hardwood sawmills and concentration yards benefit from USNR’s world class machinery, dry kilns, control systems, 3D scanning and optimization solutions. Booths 1 &2

Vacutherm, Inc.
Vacutherm has been the leader in the Vacuum Lumber Drying industry for 37 years. We are a family owned company building high quality vacuum kilns and energy saving conventional kiln controls in our Barre, Vermont factory. Booth 16

Wood-Mizer, LLC.
Wood-Mizer is a manufacturer of industrial sawmills, resaws, edgers and offers high quality narrow band saw blades and sharpening equipment. Booth 14