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Exhibitor Descriptions

Brunner Hildebrand Lumber Dry Kiln Co.
Brunner Hildebrand Lumber Dry Kiln Co., based in Nashville, TN, is a manufacturer of Hardwood kilns, Softwood kilns, Continuous kilns, IPPC Heat Treatment kilns, Steaming Chambers, and Kiln controls. Since 1960, Brunner Hildebrand has installed more than 15,000 dry kilns worldwide. Booth 25

A specialty chemical manufacturer located in Memphis, Buckman is a supplier of sapstain and mold controlling chemicals, iron sequestriants, and insecticides to the hardwood lumber industry. Booth 20

Eagle Machinery & Supply, Inc.
We are a World Class supplier of Optimized Automation Solutions for Industrial Woodworking Applications with a focus on Fully Integrated Dimensions Mill System. Booth 13

Farm Credit Mid-America
Farm Credit Mid-America is an agricultural lending cooperative, owned and controlled by our customers. Farm Credit is proud to serve the agriculture industry and rural America with customized loans to meet our client’s needs. Booth 31

ISK Biocides, Inc.
ISK Biocides manufactures and supplies wood preservatives, end coatings and sapstain control chemicals for freshly cut logs and lumber. Booth 40

Simple. Reliable. Cost-effective. Made for sawmills. We build scanning solutions for the sawmill industry. Booth 34

Lonza Wood Protection
Lonza manufacturers AntiBlu® line (including Mycostat®) for control of sapstain, mold and fungi on freshly sawn logs, poles, posts, and lumber. Booth 26

McDonough Manufacturing Co.
Celebrating 131 years of satisfied customers, McDonough continues to be the leading manufacturer of heavy duty and custom band sawing equipment for hardwood mills and secondary plants. Specializing in Headrigs, Carriages, Linebars, Horizontal Resaws, and a full line of Edger systems. Booth 35

McGriff Insurance Services – National Forest Products Practice
National Forest Products Practice specializes in insurance placement and risk management for primary and secondary manufacturers and distributors in the Forest Products Industry. Our team has over 180 years of service in the insurance industry. This combined experience and industry knowledge provides us the unique ability to identify risk issues then recommend sound and comprehensive solutions to reduce our clients’ cost of risk. We’re committed to the Forest Products Industry and proud of our trade association partnerships. Booth 28

Mellott Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Mellott has over 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing equipment for the forest industry. We offer a full line of quality log and lumber handling equipment and system designs to provide the best solution for your application. Booth 12

Messersmith Manufacturing, Inc.
Messersmith supplies biomass wood boiler systems and material handling equipment. Utilize your waste to provide heat or process steam for your facility. Booth 14

Nyle Dry Kilns
Nyle Dry Kilns is a leading manufacturer of dry kilns with over 40 years in the lumber industry. We offer a complete line of dehumidification, indirect gas fired & steam kilns. Booth 24

Stringer Industries
Stringer Industries manufacturers Wastewood Chippers and Hogs, Bark King Debarker Heads, Knurled Feedrolls, Planer Parts, and other sawmill component parts. Booth 38

Hardwood sawmills and concentration yards benefit from USNR’s world class machinery, dry kilns, control systems, 3D scanning and optimization solutions. Booth 3

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