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On the job and on ‘thin ice?’

In an article entitled, “Know When You’re on Thin Ice at Work,” Wall Street Journal columnist Sue Shellenbarger provided the following Do/Don’t checklist on “How to Avoid Being Blindsided at the Office.”

On the ‘DO’ side of the spectrum:

  • “Find out early how your boss will evaluate your performance.
  • Ask specific questions about how you’re doing.
  • Ask for criticism from colleagues who will tell you the truth.
  • Compare your performance to high achievers.
  • Maintain good relationships with bosses, peers and subordinates.”

Shellenbarger says, “Do Not:

  • Bristle or get defensive during performance reviews.
  • Assume mastery of core job skills will make up for lacking relationship skills.
  • Let yourself become isolated.
  • Ignore neglectful or dismissive behavior by your boss.
  • Surround yourself with allies who won’t give you honest criticism.”

“Misreading important external factors on the job is a common misstep,” says Shellenbarger. “And the risk of becoming unaware of your own failings increases as you rise up the ranks.”

Since 1991, Sue Shellenbarger, creator and writer of the Wall Street Journal's Work & Family column, has been providing “regular coverage of the growing conflict between work and family, and its implications for the workplace and society.” Click here for other Shellenbarger articles.