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The Real American Hardwood Promotion Coalition

The Real American Hardwood Promotion Coalition is a voluntary industry-wide domestic promotion initiative developed by industry associations and directed by those executive directors.

Why now?
The U.S. hardwood industry is facing significant change driven by a variety of factors, including stiff competition from wood look-alike products, relentless misleading campaigns about the sustainability of wood products, a slowing world economy, and the ongoing U.S. trade war with China.

And while the industry has a powerful story to tell…the beauty and desirability of the products, the history of the industry, the small family business focus, the sustainability of our raw material, and the environmental and health benefits of using hardwood; it has not yet been successful in developing a coordinated and collaborative domestic initiative to effectively tell this story and communicate the science-based benefits of real American hardwood products.

Update: RAHPC Research Findings & Next Steps – 8/25/2020
The Real American Hardwood Promotion Coalition (RAHPC) recently held webinars to inform funding partners, industry affiliates and all industry stakeholders regarding the research findings about what drives consumers to purchase - or not purchase - hardwood products. 

This research phase is the first step in identifying and developing effective marketing messaging, branding strategies and a Go-To-Market Playbook, all designed to increase consumer purchases, increase our market share, and support the U.S. hardwood supply chain.

Those unable to participate in the webinar may view the webcast here. And coming soon - a second presentation about how the industry can best work together to promote and market hardwood, domestically.

Hardwood Manufacturers Association is also a founding member of the Real American Hardwood Promotion.  If you would like to become an active part of the Coalition, support the initiative financially, or have questions, please reach out via email to